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Lavern “EZ” Elliott

Owner / Operator – EZ’S Affordable Car Rentals, LLC

People find me to be a positive, a self-motivated individual with first-rate communication skills. For the past 30 years I have worked in led by example from retiring from the military, to becoming a Certified Executive Chef and lastly starting my own rental car business.

A customer service expert that loves challenges and most of all believes that “great customer service” is a skill everyone that owns a business must have.

I am extremely organized, ambitious and self-driven individual who loves life and believes in Karma. I believe in treating people right, and I run my small business just in the same manner. I’m eager to explore my entrepreneurial side, excited to provide great customer service to the people that reside in Hawaii as well as visitors to the beautiful Island of Oahu, Hawaii.

I have always heard that dreams can come true – but you must first believe in yourself even when others don’t. Take constructive criticism and build on it. Laugh through diversity – and a good cry always has always been the recipe for healing.

My Recipe for success

Even through diversity – hold your head your high – believe in yourself – even when others doubt you, count your blessings daily – be thankful for what the good lord has provided you with, setbacks are temporary.
Live the life of aloha!
Mahalo for your business!

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